Renting for the Holidays

If you’re planning to host the holidays for friends and family, then things can get too complicated and stressful. That’s why you need to do so much planning ahead of time. Ask for professional assistance from the best event rentals. Here are five essential party rental tips for your upcoming holidays.

Let Us Take Charge of the Dishes

Fixing everything after a party is not an easy task for any host. Whether you have a three-course dinner party or a large cocktail party, we will be there to offer you whatever china and flatware you want. We have various styles and sizes of plates. After you rinse the plates, we’ll do everything else. You have the option of emphasizing simplicity with our Castle White china or impressing your guests with our Majestic Gold china that perfectly matches our Abbey Gold flatware.

You Should Have a Self Serve Bar

When you’re a host, you should leave the bar to the bartender. We can provide the bar kit for you, and it has everything you need. If you think that’s not enough, then you may want to set up a bar with an 8′ banquet table. Place all the beverages on it. We’ll suggest two or three beer options with a red or white one option and one signature cocktail. We can provide you with your large white coolers as well as out horse trough in case you’ll be expecting a huge crowd. We’ll be ready with our stemless wine glasses and rocks glasses for the cocktail. That’s basic for the best event rentals.

Spice Up the Linens

Regardless of the season that you’ll be hosting the holidays, try our various linens. Client favorites would range from red polyester to tartan plaid. You can also get your hands on hunter green polyester or sequins linens. Still, if you can’t make up your mind, then come visit us. We’ll lead you to our showroom, and you can see our ever-growing fabric collection. As long as you plan ahead of time, you can have your custom-made linens.

Prepare the Seating

We have a wide range of chairs in various styles. All these begin from a dollar each to something like ten times as much. We can provide you with folding chairs or a slightly upscale mood with our Chiavari collection. We also have everything in between. No need to look for any other style of a chair anywhere. You can view our options, and we’ll dress up or dress down your favorite seat based on what you like.  

You’ll Need a Coat Rack

If you’re hosting for several months, then you’ll be needing a coat rack. This is indispensable as it will keep all the jackets in one place and especially off the furniture. With coats hanging on furniture, you’ll have something that looks so cheap. We have collapsible coat racks for easy mobility. We also have the best hangers.

Some Final Words

If you’re looking for the best event rentals, then look no further. We want you to enjoy the holidays and to provide your friends and loved ones with the best that you could offer. We have the most flexible rental periods, and we could provide you with everything you’ll ever need. Contact us at if you have further inquiries.