Housing Market in Stratford: Reviewing the rising prices of real estate


Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon has been recently becoming a hot topic of discussion in the property market. The place recently celebrated the 451th anniversary of Shakespeare recently in 2014.

The influx of visitors to Stratford never ceases owing to the popularity of the literary genius as well as the amiable environment of the location. Recent trends have suggested that the prices in the housing market have been surging ahead. So let us look at some of the recent improvements in the housing market at Stratford.

Trends and Practices in housing market of Stratford:

The average property value in Stratford has shown a considerable rise in the margin. With a rise in 6.53 percent in property valuation, the housing market looks to thrive in the future.

Prices have been increasing, and decent houses have answered the necessity of housing in Stratford, which is located within walking distance from the town. These houses are evaluated between 750000 to 800000 pounds.

You must be wondering that if the prices are rising, then how it is going to profit the buyers. So what motivates buyers to make such expensive property purchases?

  • The reason is clarified by a brief assessment of real estate.
  • Real estate relies heavily on market fluctuations.
  • Real estate agencies are always eager to dupe buyers by offering them properties while the market is high.
  • These properties fail to deliver better returns in the future owing to market slumps.
  • Since the housing market in Stratford is running steadily, there are trivial chances of the market falling back.
  • Thus, buyers are eagerly purchasing properties in Stratford since they know that it being a stable market, property values will only go north.

Londoners and Stratford…

  • Reports suggest the fact that majority of customers of the housing market in Stratford are from London.
  • Though some of them are new to the place, many others were either previously attached with the location or had some contacts in Stratford.
  • The connectivity between the Bard of Avon and Stratford paves the path for literary enthusiasts to set camp here.
  • Apart from this factor, the basic facilities such as shopping destinations and schooling institutions make it a favorite option to choose.
  • Londoners buy homes in Stratford to enjoy some casual weekends while touring the town and exploring its rich culture.
  • The river and most interesting of all, theatres, attract many individuals around the world to come and bask in the magnificence of the atmosphere.
  • People are always eager to watch one of the many recreations of Shakespeare’s plays.

Looking at the gradual influx of visitors it would be inappropriate to say that real estate would undergo a dramatic change. Rental prices alone are supposed to break the generations old standards. Some interesting examples of houses in Stratford are:

  • A two bedroom flat near Trinity Church-the place where Shakespeare rests can fetch 550000 pounds.
  • Semidetached three bedroom house at somewhere around 280000 pounds and a five bedroom detached house comes at 520000 pounds.

Apart from these types of houses, a property buyer can find extraordinarily designed houses with a tinge of Shakespeare as well as Stratford itself.