4 Common Causes of Construction Fire

Working in a construction site is not an easy thing to do; you are under the heat from the sun during the day. Moreover, construction site fires are frequent, mainly when technical problems are arising in the area. For contractors in the United States, you can hire a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, Fl to help you and your workers claim the insurance deductibles in case of a fire. Before that, you must know what are the common causes of construction fire so that you can prevent it from happening

Malfunctioning equipment 

Check the equipment regularly because it might cause a problem if not maintained properly. In a blink of an eye, the pieces of equipment that need repair might burn and set a fire. If it can be prevented on the first stage, a big explosion will not burn the whole site. Consult electricians if you’re sensing a problem with your machines and equipment.

Lacking safety rules and regulations

In the field industry, especially in construction sites, safety should always be the priority. There should be a memo posted around the area that includes all the simple rules and regulations to be followed when working. Moreover, you can also conduct fire drills so that the workers can survive in case a fire occurs. 

Problems in the wiring 

We know that faulty installations can ignite a fire. It’s true, so you should pay attention to your electrical circuits in the site. If you see that there is a break in the wiring, report it immediately. Aside from protecting your workers from getting injured, you can also stop a fire from igniting. To check this, you can schedule a monthly or weekly appointment with an electrician to fix the problems in the site.

Incorrect usage of portable heating equipment

Before you use a piece of portable heating equipment, make sure that you introduce its functionality to your workers so that they will know how to operate such. If the machine is misused, it might cause electrical damage and start a fire in the building.

In the site, you should always check the equipment. You might miss out several details that might cause a fire. No matter what the reason is, you can consult an attorney to give you advice on what to do with the construction site after the fire.